A walk in Montepulciano

Spring, the marvellous, colourful, scented Spring is approaching: step by step, brick by brick, meadows are getting greener, howthorn trees are delightful in their white delicate flowers, peach trees start to bloom, daylight is longer.  Even though the initial days of March were cold and rainy, Spring’s arrival is just a question of weeks and I more ad more feel like staying outside and walking in the marvellous landscape and hamlets of Tuscany. That’s why last Sunday we drove to Montepulciano, and before getting to this fascinating town, the road enchanted us with evocative corners and visions…don’t you think?

On the road to Montepulciano

We arrived in Montepulciano, parked the car in one of the many lots and started our walk to the top of the historic centre, surrounded by ancient walls, through the ancient gate Porta di Gracciano. The town is built on a sloping ridge, thus the walk entails a little effort, but is absolutely rewarding: craft shops, Renaissance Palaces, elegant churches face the graceful streets of the centre…

…as well as typical restaurants and cafes, like the historic Caffè Poliziano….

…you’ll also find some curious place to rest 🙂

After a 15 minute-walk  we reached the top and admired the magnificent Piazza Grande, the main square. Surrounded by splendid monuments such as the town hall, clock tower, and the cathedral, it welcomed us in a fantastic way: there wasn’t a soul in sight and we had the opportunity to enjoy this charming space with the the company of beauty and silence. A privilege that only Winter and the beginning of Spring, the less crowded and more intimate seasons to visit Tuscany, can offer.

We crossed the square and take the narrow street right next to the Town Hall: after a few metres, a breathtaking terrace over the Val d’Orcia at sunset opened up.

A magnificent panorama, a splendid town, that has so much more to offer to its visitors: the renown Nobile red wine, the Spa in the near village of Sant’Albino, the interesting Civic Museum, the typical products and shops…and a great, great beauty.



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