The Tea Room at Porta Giustizia in Siena: teas from all over the world and fantastic cakes!

When last Sunday we got out of the Cathedral of Siena, it was raining heavily , so we  sheltered in the Tea Room at Porta Giustizia, immediately behind Piazza del Campo. This nice tea house has been open since 1985 and, in my opinion, is a great place: I’ve been going there since I was  at the University, and I find it fantastic for a sweet snack or a relaxing after dinner. Sat at table or, more comfortably, on its armchairs and sofas,  more than  95 qualities of tea  from all over the world, and lots of infusions and  hot chocolates can be tasted. I recommend to enjoy also the marvellous homemade cakes, well visible on the stands just in front of the bar counter, that the very nice owner Ilario illustrates with passion and politeness.  Each tea is served in one of the splendid teapots that decorate the place, with its matching cup! Moreover, fine sweet wines, whiskies, rums and other liquors can be tasted here.

We chose two fantastic Indian teas (specifically, the almond flavoured Assam Tea and the Chai Tea),  and enjoyed a triple layer biscuit filled with butter and chocolate cream, a divine delicacy!!!!!  The soft lighting, the background sophisticated music, and the sociable clinking of teacups and teaspoons make the time spent at the Tea Room absolutely sweet, intimate and pleasant, especially in Autumn and Winter. Open: Tuesday to Thursday 6h00 pm – 2h30 a.m.; Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5h00 p.m. – 2h30 a.m. Closed on Monday.

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