Pizza by the slice at Poppi’s, Siena: delicious!

In the centre of Siena in Via Banchi di Sotto, just behind Piazza del Campo, Pizzeria Poppi is the right place for a delicious slice of pizza during your visit to this medieval jewel of Tuscany. The place is small, with a counter exposing hot pizzas constantly coming out from the oven,  a ledge that runs around the place where you can eat your slice standing up, and a water dispenser (free for customers). 

It’s a pizzeria similar to many others serving pizza by the slice or, as we say in Italy, al taglio, but its products are excellent (I would say, the best pizza by the slice in Siena): crunchy and soft at the same time, tasty but never salted, always hot and “fresh” out of the oven. All pizzas are great, but two options are definitely wonderful: the classic pizza margherita, and the ciaccino filled with ham and mozzarella. What’s a ciaccino – pronounced tʃaˈtʃino? Well, it’s a white pizza seasoned with olive oil (ciaccino semplice),  that can be also filled with mozzarella and ham or sausage (ciaccino ripieno).


Pizzas and ciaccinos at Poppi’s are a very good and cheap option to have a bite during your time in Siena. Moreover every year, after January 6th, you can save 30% on all products:  so hurry up as till January 11th a slice of pizza margherita costs 1,00 €,  and a slice of ciaccino 1,20 €.  Anyway, this special offer is just a further asset, as eating at Poppi’s is always a great choice!


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