A Citrus Garden in the green heart of Tuscany

A citrus Garden in Tuscany! Wow! Honestly,  we didn’t know that here in our region, more exaclty in the territory of  Pistoia  near Pescia, an area that is internationally reknown for being devoted to flower and plant cultivation, there is a Garden entirely dedicated to Citrus trees and fruits. We’ve recently discovered this colourful place and we warmly recommend a visit, it’s e a pleasant and scented experience!

Hesperidarium is the official name of the Garden, since hesperidium is the botanic name for the Citrus fruits and is part of the Oscar Tintor’s plant nursery:  over 200 varieties of Citrus fruits from all over the world can be admired: scented oranges, aromatic grapefruits, colourful tangerines, enormous citrons, a mosaic of colours and perfumes all around!

The Garden is at its best in Springtime, when fruits are accompanied by the extremely scented blossoming flowers, but can be visited all the year round and in all weather conditions: in fact, citrus trees are protected by greenhouse. Visitors walk along walkways, under tunnels of plants and pergolas, and each step is a new visual and olfactory discovery.

Oscar Tintoris’ nursery cultivates and commercializes Citrus trees according to the Tuscan tradition, that is to say in pots. Due to the cold winter months that characterize most of Tuscany, the noble families of the past who desired to decorate the gardens of their magnificent villas with colourful orange and lemon trees, started the tradition to growing ornamental citrus trees in pots, that in winter were placed within elegant lemon houses, still visible in many historic houses of the Region.

An example of  Tuscan lemon house – Villa Masini (Montevarchi, Arezzo)

The Citrus Garden is also a location for private events like wedding ceremonies and parties. Furthermore, tasty marmalades and liquors, perfumes and essences can purchased as a scented souvenir of a lovely visit.  For further information and details  Tel. +39 0572 429191 info@giardinodegliagrumi.it www.ilgiardinodegliagrumi.it

And once your visit is finished, you can continue visiting the area heading to the Park dedicated to Pinocchio, the famous wooden puppet  whose nose grows when he lies,  in the outskirts of the  town of Collodi, or to Pistoia, the main town of the zone, featured by a fascinating historic centre, an important Blues Festival every  year in July (the Pistoia Blues Festival, with famous Italian and international artists) and  chosen as “Italy’s Capital of Culture” for 2017.

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